Modern Techniques

Soil stabilization and strengthening of pavement layers using mix-in-place method Ground improvement with lime was a common practice already about 2000 years ago. The first builders to use powdered lime to stabilize the ground on the road were ancient Romans.
Strengthening of the slopes using Terramesh system Terramesh® (Maccaferri, Italy) system gabions are intended for strengthening of the high cut slopes, slops or coast lines, and they are also used for strengthening of the slopes near water conduit pipes. The gabions are aesthetic, very reliable, durable and eco-friendly.
Macadam and sand mix Making of the road bed using interspersing method with high-strength hardly compacted macadam according to the existing material consumption rates results in poor quality of the roads and is a very labour-intensive process.
Winter maintenance of the auto roads The worst season for road maintenance service and road users is always winter. During winter period different types of slipperiness occurs on the auto roads, that lowers adhesion coefficient and enhances the probability of automobile accident on the auto roads.
Pothole repair of the asphalt-concrete pavement using thermal containers To enhance quality of pothole repair works with asphalt-concrete mixes, in 2010 the company bought 15 sets of pothole repair machinery.
3D digital control systems One of the newest advanced methods in road building is digital automatic control system for machinery using 3D leveling system control during the erection of the road bed embankment, construction of the pavement layers and scraping of the asphalt-concrete layer.
Cold Regeneration This technique was developed in USA in late 1950s.
Broken Rock-Mastic Asphalt Concrete In recent years more and more heavy freight transport comes onto the motor roads. So the load over the road pavement grew very much.
Thin-layer pavement layers of Broken Rock-Mastic Asphalt Concrete ЩМАс-5 With the exception of network of Federal and Regional Highways, the public motor roads of Tatarstan Republic have low traffic intensity and density of freight traffic. Judging from that, the main reason for destruction of these roads‘ covering is not the insufficient load-carrying capacity of the roadway covering structure, but the ageing, shortening of the life cycle of the upper-most layer due to climatic influences such as high and low ambient temperature, humidity, sun radiation etc. These problems might be solved through the use of Broken Rock-Mastic Asphalt mix for creation of upper paving layer.
Building of metallic all-spiral corrugated pipe culverts Since 2012 JSC “Tatavtodor” uses metallic all-spiral corrugated pipe culverts of diameter from 0.5 to 3.0 m when building and repairing of the motor roads.