Winter maintenance of the auto roads

The worst season for road maintenance service and road users is always winter. During winter period different types of slipperiness occurs on the auto roads, that lowers adhesion coefficient and enhances the probability of automobile accident on the auto roads. That is why the main problem of road maintenance is implementation of the action plan for faultless and safe traffic, including protection of the roads from the snow, clearing off the snow and preventing winter slipperiness.

The specialists of JSC “Tatavtodor” have the solutions for winter road maintenance, such as removing of the snow from the road surface, dispersion of the deicing agent, clearing off the snow barriers from the roadsides, clearing off the snow before and behind the metal barriers, and several types of modern machinery were bought to ensue effective implementation of these works:

  • Multiple-unit road-building machines КДМ-7993-10.06 mounted on Volvo FM 370HP 6*4 and MAN TGA 6*4, fitted with dump box, EPOKE Sirius AST SE3800 deicing agent dispenser, D-3600 high-speed frontal shovel and SP50-3400 side plough by Tellefsdal AS, that makes it possible to clean the road and disperse the deicing agent at the same time. Due to the shape of the fender and the knife approach angle the snow can be removed fast and effectively at the speed up to 80 km/h. The side plough is constructed so that it adjusts to the road surface shape. When using both ploughs the cleaning width is up to 5.5 m. The machine bears two containers 1538 l each for hydration of dispersed matter with varying dosage: salt - 5-40 g/sq. m, salt and sand mix – 30-40g/sq. m.
  • ZAUGG monoblock and mounted milling-rotary snow ploughs mounted respectively on Caterpillar wheel loaders and FENDT Vario 828 tractors of capacity up to 2600 ton/h.
  • 15 sets of ОБГ-2 plough attachments for the medium type motor grader were bought for cleaning of the roadsides and behind the barrier railings.
  • 19 ОТ-4 ploughs for МТЗ tractors were bought for mechanical removing of the snow from under the barrier railings.