Servicing of roads in winter time

Snow lies on the ground for more than 140 days in Tatarstan and there happen several heavy snow-falls and storms. To save the situation from becoming a natural disaster, road workers have to work around the clock on such days. To free the roads from the snow captivity road workers use screw-rotor machines, combined road building machines, bulldozers, dump trucks – total over 600 pieces of special machines.

Many of the road accidents connected with road conditions happen due to the icing-over. Practice shows that ice-formation happens at the same time over the long stretches of all the roads. The cleaning of icing takes a lot of work-time, demands much of technical resources and has to be performed under harsh conditions.

JSC “TATAVTODOR” uses different methods of fighting the icing, including spraying of road surface with liquid chlorides. This technique is much more effective than traditional use of salt-sand mix, moreover:

  • more economical,
  • less harmful for ecology and vehicles.

The Branches of Company have 8 plants for preparation of salt solution mixes. Water-salt solution is sprayed with the help of disk distributors that might be installed at different types of machines and spraying rate is only 5–105 g per sq.m.

In 2010-11 we purchased 35 sets of equipment for road machines EPOKE, which helps to perform the treatment of roads with wet salt much quicker and in a more economical way. At present JSC “TATAVTODOR” Units are equipped with such modern machinery and appliances that it allows them to keep the wide network of Tatarstan roads in a clean state and safe for traffic even under harsh weather conditions.