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Эксплуатация дорог в зимний период

Servicing of roads in winter time

Snow lies on the ground for more than 140 days in Tatarstan and there happen several heavy snow-falls and storms. To save the situation from becoming a natural disaster, road workers have to work around the clock on such days. To free the roads from the snow captivity road workers use screw-rotor machines, combined road building machines, bulldozers, dump trucks – total over 600 pieces of special machines.

Many of the road accidents connected with road conditions happen due to the icing-over. Practice shows that ice-formation happens at the same time over the long stretches of all the roads. The cleaning of icing takes a lot of work-time, demands much of technical resources and has to be performed under harsh conditions.

One of several deicing methods used by JSC “Tatavtodor” is treatment of road surfaces with pure salt. This method is a lot more effective in comparison with other methods; its main advantages are:

  • reduced material consumption,
  • environmental friendly technology,
  • larger treated surface area compared to the salt-and-sand mix treatment.

Pure salt is distributed with disk pulverizer equipment, which can be mounted on any vehicle and provides salt treatment with 5-40 grams per sq. m. In 2010-2019 JSC “Tatavtodor” has bought 41 sets of EPOKE equipment for combined road machines that allows to treat the surfaces with wet salt.

By now, technical equipment of the company is good enough to keep the developed road network of Tatarstan clean and safe, even with severe weather conditions.