17-02-2021 Awarding

On February 9, 2021 Irshat M. Akhtyamov, Head of “Tetiushsky” maintenance depot of Buinsky branch of JSC “Tatavtodor”, was awarded with “100 Years since the Formation of Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic” medal for solid contribution to strengthening of socio-economical potential of the Republic of Tatarstan and for his professional and social activity.

Лыжня Татарстана - 2021
17-02-2021 Tatarstan Ski Track 2021

On February 13, 2021 workers from Aksubayevsky branch of JSC “Tatavtodor” took part and won prizes in yearly mass ski race Tatarstan Ski Track 2021 in Aksubayevsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Хусаинову Рафису Анисовичу 60 лет
16-02-2021 Congratulations to Rafis A. Khusainov on his 60th birthday!

Our congratulations to the Head of Nizhnekamsky branch of our company, Rafis A. Khusainov, on his 60th birthday! We wish him health, well-being, professional success and many happy returns of the day!

Поздравляем с юбилеем Закирова Талипа Закировича
01-02-2021 Our congratulations to Talip Z. Zakirov!

Talip Z. Zakirov, Veteran of Labour and our former co-worker, who worked as a mechanic in Mamadyshsky branch of JSC "Tatavtodor", has turned 80 on February 01, 2021.

Вручение наград
01-02-2021 Awards
80 лет Сафину Шавкату Сафинновичу
01-02-2021 Happy 80th birthday to Shavkat S. Safin!

Congratulations to Shavkat S. Safin, who was an excavator operator in "Kulayevsky" maintenance depot in 1997-2002, on his 80th birthday from his colleagues from Suburban branch of JSC "Tatavtodor"!

80 лет Биктагирову Шамилю Латыповичу
29-01-2021 Our congratulations to Shamil L. Biktagirov on his 80th birthday!

The staff of Aksubayevsky branch had formally congratulated our retired co-worker, Shamil L. Biktagirov, on his 80th birthday.

28-01-2021 Rewarding

Apastovsky branch: Gratitude of the Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan was presented to Ramil Kh. Ganyatullin, Head of "Kamskoustyinsky" maintenance depot for faultless and dedicated work and in celebration of his 55th birthday.

C новым годом!
29-12-2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021! We wish you a Happy New Year!
Let the new year make your most cherished dream come true and strengthen your faith in better future!
May success be with you always!
We wish happiness, peace and wellbeing to you and all of your nearest and dearest!
Новый год в Сабинском филиале
29-12-2020 New Year celebration in Sabinsky branch

Workers of Sabinsky branch of JSC "Tatavtodor" took part in traditional celebration of the New Year 2021 organized by Sabinsky municipal district administration.

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